KAVEH Agricultural Machinery Group

KAVEH Agricultural Machinery Group was founded by late Mr. JALAL KAVEH in the city of Shiraz in 1949 with the aim of repairing and manufacturing agricultural machineries.

After having obtained valuable industrial experiences, having gotten familiar with the agricultural sector and having assessed the necessities of the agricultural market, late Mr. JALAL KAVEH established and operated the first production line of Semi-Trailer Truck in Iran in 1959 as well as the first production line of Harrow Discs in Iran in 1964. The mentioned innovations in the realm of agricultural machineries industry together with the establishment of the production line of Conventional Plough made the Iranian high-rank authorities, including the Prime Minister of the day, to visit the head office of the company in Shiraz and to appreciate for Mr. JALAL KAVEH’s endeavors and accomplishments by granting him several appreciation letters and awards.

Simultaneous to the increasing trend of population growth as well as the development of farming lands in Iran in the sixties (that is as of 1981 until 1991) and due to the necessity of the agricultural society to more advanced and professional machineries, the shareholders of the company established and operated two other manufacturing units in order to supply and supplement the products and machineries required for the agricultural society.

In 1999, late Mr. JALAL KAVEH was known and named as the pioneer of the industry in Fars Province through a ceremony held by the Iranian Industry and Mine House. He deceased in 2006.

At the moment, by having 3 manufacturing units as well as a central shop in the city of Shiraz, and by having obtained the franchisors (subsidiary branches) of the most accredited brands and trademarks of the world agricultural machineries, KAVEH Agricultural Machinery Group has increased its activities in the realm of design and production lines of Compost (organic fertilizer) in order to be sold in Iranian and foreign markets in addition to its already established production lines of agricultural, gardening and animal husbandry machineries.

Obtaining Certificates of ISO10002 and ISO9001 as well as the Certificate of Products Quality Approval from the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Iran and the other respective organizations, election of the directors of the company as the premier and excellent young directors in both Fars Province and Iran, and obtaining other appreciation letters have been among the honors of this company. Wide range of customers, either in Iran or abroad, has always indicated the positive and promoting performance of this company which in turn demonstrates the high quality of this company’s manufacturing products.

The main aim of the directors of the company has always been to provide innovation as well as appropriate after-sale services, and to obtain satisfaction of the customers of the company. Moreover, serving the laborious agricultural society shall be the honor of this company’s personnel.

MASHIN ABZAR FARS Company, as one of the subsidiary companies of KAVEH Agricultural Machinery Group, was established in 1990, and commenced its activities by manufacturing different types of heavy and light Hydraulic Discs, and today, it has the honor of serving the esteemed Iranian farmers by manufacturing and providing after-sale services for different types of modern machineries such as different types of Chisel Ploughs, Seeders, Pneumatic Cross Seeder-Fertilizers specific for cereals, different types of Seeders and Plastic Mulch Layer specific for summer crops, Bare-Root Transplanter, etc.

Main activities of the company within the last 15 years have been as follows:

  • The first and the only manufacturer ofPneumatic Seeder specific forcereals (according to the Accord Company’s design) since 2004.
  • The first and the only manufacturer ofPneumaticCross Seeder-Fertilizer specific forcereals with the capability of furrowing and planting in the herbal remains (including a Patent Certificate for invention registration) since 2009.
  • The first manufacturer of Seeder and Plastic Mulch Layer specific for summer crops such as watermelon, cantaloupe, melon, etc. since 2010.
  • Manufacturer of different types of Chisel Ploughs specific for tractors with 4-or 6-cylinder engines and heavy tractors.
  • The first manufacturer of specialized Bare-Root Transplanter in Iran since 2017.