For the first time in the country, a 36-row multi-purpose seeder model SFPU-3 was designed by the company’s experts and after passing field tests, was added to the production line in 2017. In addition to maintaining the general characteristics of the SPU-3 model, the planters are anchor type, of which 24 are dedicated to seed and 12 are independent for fertilizer, which makes each row of fertilizer exactly between 2 rows of Seeds and under the seeds level are planted which lead to the most desirable arrangement and order of planting.

Dimension (m) 2*3*2.15
Weight (kg) 540
Seed Tank Capacity (kg) 450
Fertilizer Tank Capacity (kg) 180
Working Width (m) 3
Speed (km/h) 5-12
Power (hp) 75

Distributor System :

  • Uniform distribution of small and coarse seeds size with ability of distribution from 400 g to 400 kg/ha.
  • Save 30 to 40 percent on seed consumption
  • The unique distribution system design, which leads to adjust manually in the depth of the grooves, eliminates the need to installing an additional tank for small seed sizes.

Planter System :

  • Number Of Planters : 24
  • Distance Between Rows : 12.5 cm
  • Number Of Fertilizers : 10-12
  • Distance Between Fertilizers : 25-30 cm
  • Accurate depth adjustment and stabilization
  • Possibility to montage with furrows and work in saline lands