In 2002, for the first time in Iran, the company launched the Pneumatic Seeding Machines production line.

SPU3 is designed and manufactured for growing small and coarse size seeds such as wheat, barley, alfalfa, lentils, mung bean, rapeseed, sesame, onion, safflower, etc. The planting mechanism of these pneumatic seeders is linear why they also are known as Pneumatic linear planters in the country. Main features of SPU3:

  • Very high accuracy specially of small size seeds, adjustable 400 g to 6 kg/ha with uniform distribution.
  • Maximum savings in seed consumption.
  • Easy adjustment.
  • Low depreciation .
Dimension (m) 2*3*2.15
Weight (kg) 540
Tank Capacity (kg) 450
Working Width (m) 3
Speed (km/h) 5-12
Power (hp) 70